Hi if you came to this site you wanna know something about me? Yeah! Ok I will tell you something about my life, family and whatever you wanna know.

I was born on 20th of December 2001 in a small town in Poland. On my first birthday I done my first step, I was quiet a big kid. When I was about 3, my mum & dad decided to move house to The UK. First we lived in a small house on the North-East of England, then I started to go to a dance class. About 1 year later we moved to a bigger house in a 'bigger' town. Then I went the first time to the nursery, I remember a lot of things there. I remember that I was going on ballet, but I didn`t like it so I gave up. My primary school was really cool it had about a hundert years, but on the school field they built a new school and the older one they demolished. In 2010 me my sister & dad came back to Poland, but my mum stayed there for about 2 years more. Then I came the first time to a polish school, I was shocked. The first day was ver, ver, very loud. I was scared - REALLY! Know I`m in the second class of a secondary school.

My sister is called Julia, she is one year older than me, she is in the same school like me, but she is in the 3 class. My mum is a midwife, she likes reading good books & watching movies. My dad is a builder, he likes playing a computer game. My dog is like my family, she is gonna be 3 in March, she is called Selly & I love her!

The blog was called Miss style 21, daydreaming & know its called LONDONKID, I think it is a good name for this blog, and it is really like me. I love bloggin!