Bags that I love!

8:00 am

Hello, so if you can see in the last time I didn`t add my posts regulary (every 4 days), because I didn`t have time and ideas. I decided that until my exams are over I will add a post every week, but after them everything will come to normal. So sorry for that, but school is important! Comimg back to the post I want to show you bags that I fell in love with. Of course I know that never in a milion years I will have all of them, but I can dream yeah? :D I just picked up some bags on Pinterest that I really like and I want to share them with you, so enjoy! And write me what is your dream bag/bags!


How To Have a Dream Room?

8:00 am

Hi! Sorry for a late post! But the last class of secondary school isn`t easy. Of course I was also lazy and I didn`t have an idea for a post, so you know :) In todays post I want to share with you some tips and inspire you to how to have a perfect/dream room. In my opinion your room should be your place where you can relax and forget about all the worlds problems! So I hope I will inspire you somehow to change your room a bit, so It will be perfect for you!



8:00 am

Hi! Did you ever heard about rose water? If not, you probably should! In this post I will show you how to make it! Rose water has a lot of benefits that will be wrote underneath! So if you are interested in it you should read it! I just fell in love with it! It keeps my skin clean and you can make it at home! And it is much cheaper than if you bought it at the store.


My bucket list!

8:00 am

Hi! Today I want to share with you, some of my points that I want to realize in my life. They are not all, because I wouldn`t remember all of them! So I hope you will like the idea of the post!
PL: Cześć! Dziś chce się z tobą podzielić, kilkoma podpunktami, które chce zrealizować w życiu. Nie sa to wszystkie, bo nie zapamiętąłam wszystkich! Mam nadzieje, że spodoba ci się pomysł na ten post!


What do I think about FUNNYCASE?

8:00 am

Hey! I got 2, actually 3 cases from the site I ordered 2 but I actually got the third one for free! So I think that it is awesome! Today I want to review them here and I want to tell you my first impressionsabout them! DISCLAIMER: this post is sponsored by FUNNYCASE.PL! All of my opinions are my own!