How to learn English?

8:00 am

Hi guys! Do you want to learn English? Not only the English at school, but even more! I`ve prepared a couple things you can do to learn this language! Remember, whereever you go, you will find a person that speaks in English! English is the Latin of our times! Without thurther to do, lets get into the post!


ZAFUL.COM | First Impression!

8:00 am

Hi guys! Whats up? Today I`ve got my first impressions about the shop - ZAFUL.COM. I got my parcel, actually two parcels in not a long time, like about 2-3 weeks! It wasn`t really long, but one parcel came to me quicker, like a week and a half before the second one! The first thing that I got is the cap that I got on me on the photos! When I opened the pack The hats were a bit smelly, but it got of after a couple minutes. (I got 2 hats, but you are going to see the second one in the next posts! SO STAY TUNED!)


DIY Kylie Jenner Lip Kit!

8:00 am

Hi! Lots of people, like me :) Don`t have the really popular Kylie Jenner Lip Kit that costs about 30 dollars, plus shipping that costs 14 dollars! Thats nearly 180zł! It`s really expensive for one lipstick and one pencil lip liner! Also I heard that some of them were filled to the half! It`s really not fair for these who paided soo much money and got half of the product! In this post I will show you how to make a lip kit via KJ :)