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How To Be A Morning Person! | Life Hacks

7:00 am

I think that most of you guys are not a morning person, am I right? Yeah, so today I want to show you some life hacks to have a better morning! I actually found them out by myslef or on the Internet. So yeah without futher to do - lets just get into the post!


DIY Ben & Jerry`s Ice Cream! Without Machine!

7:00 am

So I`m so excited to do this post! It`s a really easy DIY, because you don`t need to use a ice cream machine! Ben & Jerry`s ice creams are really popular in the USA & UK, I don`t know if in Poland you can find them, but I never saw them here, so write me a comment if there are in Poland! You actually don`t need really complicated things to do it, so If you wanna know how to do it, read the rest of the post!


'You May Say I`m A Dreamer, But I`m Not The Only One'. + Get to know me tag!

7:00 am

Hello guys! These photos I`ve done on the first of May. I`m quite satisfide with the photos! Actually I`m writing this post the second time, because that one wasn`t too good :) Also I have done a get to know me tag, so scroll down to get to know the answers! So yeah just go and see the pictures! Flanel - Primark, coat - F&F, Jeans - Takko Fashion, shoes - New Balance.


3 Ways To Get Fit - Without A Workout!

2:15 pm

If you are a person like me - Who hates to workout and is lazy. But you wanna be fit? this post will be perfect for you! I`ll show you 3 ways to be fit and lose weight without having a workout!


'You're beautiful, but you're empty. No one could die for you.'

7:00 am

Hello, how are you all guys?  I don`t know like 2 weeks ago I done these photos and I just wanted to share the photos with you all guys. I also wanted to show you my favourite quotes from the book "Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. I just fell in love with this book and I think it`s the best school book that I ever read! So back to the outfit, the flannel is from Primark, pants from H&M, Coat is from F&F.


Free Laptop Wallpapers!

7:00 am

Ok, so hey guys! For today I done some free wallpapers that you can download for yourself! I just love these kind of posts! I found some quotes on Tumblr and turned it into a really cool design! So, yeah I hope you will like them and you will use them :) BTW. I added labels to every post on the blog so you can easier find a post that you are interested in!