Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener Review.

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Today I want to review you a nail product that I got like 3 weeks ago. It`s the Sally Hansen instant nail hardener. If you want to know if it`s worth to buy this product that isn`t really cheap, but it`s also not to expensive, read the rest of the article!


Sky & Glasses

7:00 am

Hello, in today's post you will see some photos with glasses and the sky. I just wanted to show you all guys the photos, because I love them! The sunset is SO gorgeous and from my window I`ve got SO lovely views. So yeah, just check out the photos! ♥


The best blogger tips! -. How to grow up your site!.

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Hi today I`ve got a post that is for people that have or want to have a blog! So I`ll give you some tips that will help you have an even better blog! I hope I will help you in some ways, so lets just go right to the tips!


How Was It To Live In England?

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Today I will tell you how it was to live in England! I hope that posts like this will interest you and you will write me in the comment section If you want to have more posts like this!


Coachella Inspirations!

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Hello, today I thought that I will find some Coachella Inspirations! Coachella is really close, because it`s starting on this Friday! I just can`t wait to see the photos from 2016 festival! So yeah lets just see some Coachella inspirations from the last years!

Post Ideas

40 Original Post Ideas!.

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Hi today I thought that I will help these people who don`t have any ideas for posts on their blog. All the posts will be divided in labels like: fashion, beauty... In a long time I didn`t see a post like this, so I thought that I will do it on my blog. It would be nice if you would use one these ideas on your blog and I would like to see the results on your blogs so write me in the comments the link with the post so I will see it!

Life Hacks

Life Hacks Everybody Should know!

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Hi today is another life hack post, I just love life hacks! I found them on Pinterest and they are just awesome. Maybe you already know them, but some of them are just new for me! I don`t know if you like these tricks, but write me in the comment If you like them!

How to..

5 Ways To Style A Gray T-Shirt!

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I think that most of you have a pale gray t-shirt in your closet, yeah? If not go and buy one! In today`s post I will show you 5 ways to style a gray t-shirt! i hope you will like those types of posts and you will write me your favourite way to style a gray t-shirt!