Tumblr fall essentials.

8:32 pm

Hello everybody! Today I`m coming back with a new post. Today it`s gonna be Tumblr fall essentials. I started to love fall I think from this year. I don`t know why? So I just wanna show you all my favourites from this season. Oh, & I just wanna tell you all guys that I  will do this kind of post every season, so there will be spring, summer, fall and winter essentials! I think that the winter essentials will be a couple of days after Christmas!I hope that you will like posts like that! I just wanna ask if you would like to see every month favourites? So yeah, lets get started!

PL: Cześć wszystkim! Dziś wróciłam z kolejnym postem. To są ulubieńcy jesieni. Zaczęłam lubić jesień od tego roku, nie wiem dlaczego? No więc chce wam tylko pokazać moim ulubieńców jesieni. Oh, i chce wam powiedzieć że taki typ postu będzie pojawiać się co sezon, czyli będą ulubieńcy wiosny, lata, jesieni i zimy. Sądzę że ulubieńcy zimy pojawią się jakoś po świętach Bożego Narodzenia.! Mam nadzieje, że lubicie posty tego typu :) Mam do was jedno pytanie, czy chcecie na blogu co miesiąc ulubieńcy miesiąca?? No więc zaczynajmy!


The best of AMA'S!

10:25 pm

Hi guys, I need to say that I fell in love with the pics from the AMA'S! I love the video's that I found on YouTube or Tumblr, so I just wanted to show you all guys my favourite pics that I found on Tumblr. So yeah if you like them just write me in the comment your favourite picture. I think that Selena was the best at the AMA'S, I love her presentation on the red carpet & on the scene when she was singing ♥ So yeah just lets get into the photo's :)

PL : Cześć kochani muszę wam powiedzieć, że zakochałam się w zdjęciach z gali AMA. Zakochałam się w filmikach na YouTubie lub Tumblr, więc chce wam pokazać moje ulubione fotografie. No więc tak to chyba wszystko, jeśli ci się spodobają napisz mi w komentarzu kto według ciebie wyglądał najlepiej. Sądzę że Selena wyglądałam wspaniale na tej gali. Uwielbiam jej prezentacje na czerwonym dywanie i na scenie, kiedy śpiewała. No więc tak, zapraszam do oglądania zdjęć! :)


Does real love exist?

7:20 pm

Hello, so today I have a post about real love. The topic of the post is 'Does real love exist?' I think that people built a relationship, not on the real love, but money. This is a huge problem in these times. You 'love' someone because he has shoes from Converse or a suit from Armani? Really??? Is this real love or fake one? Just think, do you wanna be with that person for money? You can be a poor person with the love of your life or a rich one with a fake love? Don't look for love, love will come to you in the most unexpected way! Does reall love exist? I think it does, you just need to wait for it. Did you see a video of a grandpa that is waiting for his wife with flowers on the airport? Yeah! That is real love! Little dense`s - this is love NOT money! Real love does exist!!!


What you can buy your friend for christmas?

8:46 am

Hello everyone, today I've have a post for those that don't know what to buy your friend for christmas. The gifts are'nt really expensive, but they are really cool and cute. I love reading posts like this one. If you want I can do my Christmas wishlist :) I think that the christmas season is nearly here, I like reading posts like this.So yeah, and I just want to tell you all guys that I changed the template. Do you like it?? Write me in the comments & lets get into the post!


Why I like autumn!

5:07 pm

Hello I like fall, because....Why? I don`t know, I have no freakin idea, why. I love listening to music watching good movies or just playing in the leaves. We associate autumn with cold & bad weather. But see the good things - the leaves are falling of the trees, you can light the candles & listen all the time to Ed Sheeran! Yeah I think that Ed is the best way to be cozy in the fall. So yeah lets read why I like autumn! SO the first thing is music, like I wrote upper Ed is the best way to get cozy this fall, I recommend Give Me Love, Thinking Out Loud, Photograph, Even My Dad Does It Sometimes... Sweaters are perfect this fall you will find them in every shop this season - Just check out some shops online & perfect sweater is found! Candles are life, in autumn this is a essential they will make you all cozy fall & winter. The last thing is Starbucks! I love the drinks that you will find there! The coffee is heaven, if didn`t drink there yet - go to starbucks !!! Ok, so that will be it ! To the next post!


Things that you need to know about living in The UK.

2:42 pm

Hello again guys, today I`ve got you a post about living in The UK. I lived there for 6 years, but now I`m living in Poland. When I`m gonna be 18-19 I`m comming back to The UK, in London. Ok lets get into the post!!!

♥ On every street you will see "Fish & Chips"! It`s good but not healthy!
♥ The colour magnolia is everywhere! In the UK houses you will find it!


You are PERFECT!!.

8:52 pm

Hello, today is again a reflection post :) Ok lets start  - > If someone tells you that you`re not perfect, they are studid! You think that you`re ugly & another girl are beautiful, I will tell you something they usually have a ton of makeup or If you think if someone has something brand, they are beautiful. No! I want to say that makeup doesn`t make you beautiful! If you have a boyfriend that tells you to "wear" makeup, just dump him. Why? Because he is with you just for your face. He tells you are ugly, he is a asshole! If your boyfriend tells you that you are beautiful without makeup he is with you for that how are you inside, not outside. Remember you are Perfect!!! Everyone is perfect, boys, girls, kids, parents... YOU ARE PERFECT - just find the perfection in yourself!

credit - Tumblr


What I think about internet friends?.

5:07 pm

Hello, I thought maybe someone would like to know my oppinion about internet friends. Internet friends some people think it`s dangerous, but I think that if you find a person that makes you happy & smile you should talk or write to them. Maybe someone doesn`t have friends because everyone thinks that she or he is a weirdo, but when you sit down & write to that internet friend you can feel free, you just trust that person, that they don`t tell no one you`re secrets & just live. I think that internet friends can be, I don`t have a internet friend, but I would love to so if you are interested you can write to me, I will write you back. So maybe I will find a really trustfull friend :) Ok, to the next post! :) ->

credit - Tumblr


Can we call blogging a hobby?.

2:42 pm

Hello guys, I`ve got a post with my oppinion or reflection is blogging a hobby? I think everyone has a different oppinion of this toic. I never had a hobby that I done for years or a lot of time, but when I has 12 I started to do something in the internet, I started with a blog that had maybe 3000 views, that blog was deleted. I had a few blog, but LondonKid is the one that I wanna stay with. The name of the blog is my favourite, I don`t think that miss style 21 or itsmevictoria was the best name for a blog. But LondonKid is the one that describes me in 100% ! I`m gonna live in London (I want when I will be 19) & I`m a big kid :) Ok stop with it know lets get into the post that you want to read. So can we call blogging a hobby or Is blogging a hobby? I think it is! You take time to do the posts, photographs and all of the writing. People think that blogging is just something like this -  She will do some crap photos, write something and you got the post. No it isn`t you take a lot of time to do everything. So I will tell you blogging is a hobby! Bye!♥

credit - tumblr


Tumblr inspirational photos!

6:01 pm

Hello babes, so today I didn`t have time to do some photos for the post that should be today. So I thought that I will do some inspirational photos post. I`m not sure if I did it on this blog yet, but I like this kind of posts on other blogs. So why not on my blog! I need to say that I love Tumblr, it`s a social media that is for inspiration & I have a blog on Tumblr, that you will find on the right colum. I hope that I will inspirat you with the photos & lets get into it! & I hope you like it !