Coats for less than 100 pounds!.

2:00 pm

Hello, sory that I didn`t write this post quicker, but I was busy & lazy... i hope there will be nice weather & I will do some nice pics for the nest posts! But today its gray & I know the pics would look like sh*t (SORRY!). Ok, so today I have some coats for less than 100 pounds in the shops that are in your country! The most I like the last coat, its lovely, and I love the print ! I think that fall is the time when you go and look for a coat for autumn & winter. Every coat will have a link from were they are, so ok lets start! :)

I hope like it :) Write in the comment witch coat do you like the most!

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9 komentarze

  1. Great post :).

  2. super kurtki, pierwsze 3 mi się bardzo podobają
    wpadnij na nowy post i zrób klik w wishlistę jeśli możesz :)?

  3. świetne kurtki :)

  4. I love everything!! Amazing post!!

  5. Hey dear. Your blog is so sweet ! I like the design too

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  6. Oo całkiem łednie się prezentują! :D

  7. Ale świetne kurtki! Aż chciałabym kupić wszystkie :)
    Zapraszam do siebie:

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