New Jeans - mini DIY!.

3:58 pm

Hello, so today you will see the first mini DIY!!! So I will show you how transform your old jeans to like new! But I want to say sorry, again for not being systematic with the posts, but school is just like - Aghrr... I am finished...... But now we have the weekend & I can do something! Yeah! ♥ Now I am listening to music on spotify & I love it, so lets get in to the mini DIY! ♥


Coats for less than 100 pounds!.

2:00 pm

Hello, sory that I didn`t write this post quicker, but I was busy & lazy... i hope there will be nice weather & I will do some nice pics for the nest posts! But today its gray & I know the pics would look like sh*t (SORRY!). Ok, so today I have some coats for less than 100 pounds in the shops that are in your country! The most I like the last coat, its lovely, and I love the print ! I think that fall is the time when you go and look for a coat for autumn & winter. Every coat will have a link from were they are, so ok lets start! :)


Everything is changing!.

5:59 pm

Hello, I think that everyone saw in our life that everything is changing. Maybe it`s a new neighbour or your friend has moved house, or just something really normal for example : your dad got a new phone... But changes are good! yep, I think that things that are changing give us experience & new things in our life. Maybe someone doesn`t like changes, but they are needed in our live. If nothing would change our life would be really boring & monotonous. Maybe YOU should think in your mind to change something, I don`t know what maybe give your mum flowers, or help your dad with the car, just do something that will make you parents happy & they will smile. Do shopping, go out with your dog, help your grandmother with the cleaning of her house - Just make them SMILE!. Remember they won`t live eternally & you won`t too!