Cute & easy hairstyle.

6:15 pm

If you see that it`s getting colder & colder I need to tell you something: FALL IS NEALY HERE!! OMG, I just felt like I`m gonna sing Carly`s song I really, really, really really like you! No I can`t sing! Now I can`t` go in my favourite shoes to school, Why? Because I would get ill, Why? Because It`s soo cold outside for angels to fly. Yes, I got it from Ed Sheeran`s song! ♥ I love his song`s. They are soo for fall!  Am I talking to myself? Ok, stop it Wiki. focus on the post!  Aggrhh.... So fall is nearly here maybe try not to think that it`s fall.... So today I have done a cute hairstyle that you can try on yourself. I`ve done it on my sister so just check it out ! ♥


White Matte.

3:34 pm

Hey guys, this post is my first beauty post on this blog. (Yeah I am excited!!). Today I`ve got to tell you about a super dooper new nail polish from Avon, that I got a few days ago. ! I always wanted to have a matte nail polish, but I never went to the shop & bought it so, my mum just asked for the colour & she got it for me! (Thanks mom!). Ok, so I got the white one because I love this colour! White is HEAVEN! ♥  This colour is really nice & it matches to everything that I have :) It`s really fine to apply & I love it. So yeah there are lots of different colours of this nail polish so if you aren`t a fan of white nail polish`es you will find something for yourself! :) If found my favourite polish so now it`s YOUR turn! ♥ Have a nice day ! ♥  Check out the pics !

... Inspired outfit

Selena Gomez outfit ideas.

8:43 pm

Ok, so hi guys I have today a post with Selena Gomez outfit ideas. I`m really excited, but I`m really sorry that I didn`t do any post`s for a couple of days. So now now I have a couple of new post`s in my hands & be ready for new things !!! So now lets get into the post!!! ♥